Plus Size Modeling Jobs

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Plus Size Modeling Jobs

Plus size modeling jobs is an industry that’s growing. With the average dress size in the United States now a size 12, there is a demand for plus size models. In fact, you may have heard of “regular” runway models that opted to become plus size models in order to maintain better health!

Plus size model jobs in the world of fashion does not mean fat. A plus size model must be fit and toned as well as curvy! The average plus size model is 5’8” with a proportional figure and shapely legs. They usually wear a 12 to 16 dress size although some do fit into a size 20. All sizes are needed for plus size models.

You don’t have to achieve fame to have a good, lucrative career in plus size modeling nor do you have to be young. There are models in their 60’s and 70’s in the plus size modeling jobs industry! The important thing is not age but skill.

To get started as a plus size model you could contact your local retail stores and ask if they need your services. The higher end stores often hire models of all types to stroll through the premises wearing clothing that the stores have on their racks. It’s a great way to promote new styles or clothing they would like to move to make room for more inventory. Some stores even stage fashion shows or other events for which they need models of every type.

It’s a good idea to pay for a few professional photos for your portfolio. A full body shot in a swimsuit, some headshots and different poses will give people a good idea of what you’re capable of. Using different hairstyles and makeup will play up your versatility and flexibility.

Once you get an interview, prepare to make a good impression. Don’t hide your face under makeup but keep it very light and choose colors that accentuate your best features. Dress simply in clothes that are comfortable and avoid shoes with heels more than an inch high. You want to be at ease physically so you can show off your best points! Be likable, sincere, punctual and be sure that they know you are adaptable and easy to work with.

The important thing is not to let people forget you! After you make that first good impression, follow up with a callback if the store or agency doesn’t initiate contact. Impressing the administrative assistant that answers the agent’s phone is often as beneficial as impression the agents themselves to land plus size modeling jobs!