Petite Modeling Jobs

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Petite Modeling Jobs

Height isn’t everything!  Current trends are quickly moving toward using models that look like real, everyday people and there are not many women 5’8” or taller.  Using petite models or models that are closer to the average height and shape is opening the industry to all types of models.

Although the top fashion designers still use mostly traditional models, check out your local retail stores and see if they need models for a fashion show or other event.  You can often build up a good reputation locally and get plenty of modeling work that way.

Petite models should realize that there are opportunities in the modeling world that don’t occur to most people.  Take a good look at yourself and list all your good points!  Do you have beautiful hands?  There is a huge market for hand modeling.  Restaurants need someone to hold that burger in their billboards and print ads and even television commercials.  The cosmetic industry needs models with attractive hands to show off nail polish, hand cream artificial nails.  Jewelers prefer to display their jewelry on real hands in their ads–just think how much fun it would be to wear those lovely diamonds and get paid for it!

Your feet can also be an asset, especially if they are small.  Most shoe manufacturers make sample shoes in a size 6 so if that is your shoe size you can model beautiful shoes at trade shoes, shoe conventions or in retail stores.

As a petite model, you can use nearly every part of your body.  Do you have beautiful cheekbones or impressive eyes?  You’d make a fantastic model for eye or other facial makeup!  Size doesn’t matter when it comes to cosmetics.  You can also become a model for eye glasses or sunglasses.  And if you have shapely legs you can model hosiery, boots, sandals, even lingerie!

Another option for petite models is modeling children’s clothing.  Many petites wear child sizes and many photographers would rather work with an adult than a temperamental child.  If you can fit comfortably into a child’s size ten or twelve, you may want to consider this option.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of the chance to model just because you’re not tall.  In fact, you have more options available to you than “normal” sized models!  Take stock of your assets then start exploring your options—you’ll be surprised how many opportunities are open to you.