Kid & Child Modeling Jobs

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Kid & Child Modeling Jobs

Children from newborns up into their teens are modeling all sorts of products these days. They enjoy the work and the attention and love seeing their picture in print or on television! It’s also a very good way to start an education fund or give them other things they would like to have. If your child would like to model there is an excellent chance that they’ll have all the jobs they can handle.

There is no one “look” or physical requirement for a child model since there is a big demand for all types and ages. As a parent, it’s important for you to make it a good experience for your child and the first thing you should do is register with a reputable modeling agency. An agency screens the clients that need models to insure that your child is not exploited or taken advantage of in any way.

When you take your child to their initial interview be sure not to overdress them; let them wear clothing they are comfortable in. Modeling agencies are not searching for a certain look so much as a sparkling personality and camera presence. You may be asked for a portfolio, which is a collection of professional photos of your child. The agency may furnish one if you need it but will charge you. This should be the only expense aside from ferrying the child to and from assignments.

Like nearly all professions, modeling has its share of imposers and opportunists. Be aware that modeling agencies rarely send out “scouts”, mail literature to your home or stop you on the street. Legitimate agencies do not claim that they can make your child a “star” or tell you that your child needs expensive “lessons”. Nor do real agencies charge membership fees. Modeling “scouts” do all of this and more in order to separate you from your money and don’t care how disappointed your child is by the time you detect the scam. Always use a reputable modeling agency!

Of course, once your child becomes a model there are laws to protect them regarding how long they can work and the conditions on the set. The best way to protect your child is to use a legitimate agency and to personally go with them to every assignment. If parents are not welcome that should set off alarm bells. A good agency encourages parental involvement for the sake of their reputation as well as the child’s safety.

If your child has expressed an interest in modeling or you think your baby or toddler is perfect for the job, make an appointment with a modeling agency. It’s a great way to save for a college education, provide the child with money for extracurricular activities or just improve their quality of life while they have some fun!