Fashion Modeling Jobs

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Fashion Modeling Jobs

With the development of reality shows dealing with fashion modeling jobs a lot more young men and women are considering the profession.  Make no mistake, modeling is a tough business but it can be very rewarding personally, professionally and financially!

Fashion modeling jobs are more than just walking down a runway in designer clothing.  If you become a fashion model you might get work in ad campaigns, magazines, newspapers and other media.  You might model swimwear, outerwear, underwear, lingerie or even footwear.  Fashion models are needed by the fitness industry, sports industry and retail world.

Many young people wonder if their body is right for modeling but rest assured, all body types are needed for fashion modeling jobs.  Crystal Renn, for example, couldn’t seem to break into the modeling world until she gained weight and became a plus-size model!  You don’t have to be tall or exceedingly thin to be a successful model nor do you have to be muscular and buff.  It all depends what the client is looking for.  In fact, the fashion world is more and more accepting of “regular” body types as they try to design for the average person to increase their sales.

Since the advertising world has discovered that sales increase when the models used look like ordinary people, you don’t even have to be exceedingly handsome or beautiful in order to have steady work.  People like to see clothing modeled by the kind of people they might pass on the street each day; such models make the clothing or products more emotionally accessible and appealing.

Breaking into the world of modeling and becoming successful depends a great deal on the agency you register with.  A good agency will seek out clients that need your particular body type, bone structure and skills.  The advantage of a good agency is that you don’t waste time running from interview to interview; all your interviews are screened beforehand to make sure that you might be who the client is searching for.

Before you register with an agency, though, you’ll need a portfolio of professionally taken photographs.  This will include headshots, upper body and full body shots to show your physical and emotional versatility.  Once you have a portfolio you can begin shopping for an agent.

It’s important to keep yourself fit and healthy with good nutrition and regular exercise.  Your attitude is important, too, as is your professionalism.  You should be able to take criticism constructively; be assertive yet not aggressive.  Taking modeling classes is not required but they can serve to bolster your self-confidence, a trait that is important in the world of fashion modeling jobs!